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Ženský pohled na zařízení interiéru – Petra Vránová.

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  2. It’s interesting in that the crew of Engine Co. 2 maintains residence on the old fireboat (Engine 58) and when they get a run, they get on Engine 2 and wait for a land company (Engine 98, 13, or 42) to board before they take in the run. 6–8–8 no longer has night quarters at Engine 13′s house, they use part of the police marine unit building shown in the picture.

  3. The theme of this seems to be Christian Artists have horrible album covers. It was hard to pick a favorite because I like them all, but it might be “All My Friends are Dead.” I bet that’s a sad album.

  4. Toujours dans la rubrique du religieux (enfin c’est un prétexte pour caser cette remarque), que pensez-vous de cet extrait de dépèche AFP : » Quant à la restauration du vitrail, d’un verre et d’un jaune spéciaux, elle sera à la charge de l’Etat […]  »Mignon, non ?

  5. That made me so happy! What a lucky boy! I don't know what was my favorite… the pic of you and Greg blowing out the candle of that you took time to look up his name in hieroglyphics.You are a super mom! ps. the waterfall is completely awesome!!!

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